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A political party or candidate must get over 4% of the primary vote to receive any payment.  This serves only to strengthen the status quo and reduce competition in the ballot box.

A primary vote is your number 1 on your ballot box.  Your number 2 is called your 2nd preference, and doesn't pay the political party anything.


These 11 candidates were all from either the Liberals, the ALP or the Greens.


Source: AEC - First Preferences by Candidate - SA


Current Funding Rate $2.10 as for end of 2007

Source: AEC - Current Funding Rate

2004 Federal Election Funding Payments - First Preference vote = $1.94

Liberal Party of Australia $17,956,326.48
Australian Labor Party $16,710,043.43
Australian Greens $3,316,702.48
National Party of Australia $2,966,531.27
Northern Territory Country Liberal Party $158,973.97
Family First Party $158,451.04
Pauline Hanson's One Nation $56,215.73
Australian Democrats $8,491.26
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) $6,572.56
No Goods and Services Tax Party $5,995.20
Pauline Hanson $199,886.77
Antony (Tony) Windsor $89,562.59
Peter Andren $79,413.12
Robert (Bob) Katter $63,544.49
Peter King $25,730.39
Brian Deegan $24,449.31
Lars Hedberg $19,400.82
Graeme Campbell $12,935.18
Robert (Rob) Bryant $12,120.65
Robert Dunn $11,761.02
Margaret F Menzel $10,977.60
Darren Power $9,980.34
Bruce Haigh $7,381.25
Jeanette (Jen) Sackley $7,365.70
Samir (Sam) Bargshoon $7,346.26
TOTAL $41,926,158.91

Source: AEC - Election Funding Payment