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There's a big difference between the Rann Government and me - they think they have rights to your property and time, and anything they let you keep is a "gift".  
I say the reverse - your life and the things you have earned are yours, and we should only feel a duty to support a government in it's core duties.

For me HOME affordability is a major issue.  Thanks to the State Government's interference with a farmer's (or any large property owner's) right to split up their land and sell it to new first home buyers, land supply has dried up making home prices inflate incredibly.  Effectively they have shut out most of Generation X and Y from home ownership. Those who can buy a home have had years of their working life assigned to paying off the huge mortgage.  Don't doubt, this will have social side-effects for years to come.

see also - website to promote affordable housing by loosing land restrictions

 WATER is being used as a cash cow by Mr Rann's government.  On average over $170 million per year in revenue is given to the government.  In my opinion water should be revenue neutral.  If the government was serious about saving water it would charge everyone a flat rate for the water they actually use and scrap the supply charge.  Then people would have real incentive to save water!

The ROAD system has been neglected.  I believe that it is popularly accepted that speed cameras are about revenue raising.

It's time we raised the speed limits on main roads.   50km on the backstreets of suburbia is understandable -  60km on straight main roads is backwards.  If Adelaide roads were the internet, we'd all be on dial-up.   It's time to start planning a high speed road network to properly connect Adelaide.  Planning for transport corridors will never be a bad investment.  Imagine travel time we'd save if had kept the MATS plan from the 60's.

Lastly - because I am truly INDEPENDENT I am free to give my honest opinion - not bound to tow the party line, and I'm not tied to any industry group.  I will however, willing work will all individuals who are involved in worthy causes that improve the lives of South Australians.

Support me - and help me bring freedom and vision back to SA....

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