Onkaparinga Mayoral Election 2006 First Preference Results and comment

Thank you for all 1,598 of you who voted in favour of the principles I stand for.


On this page I have included a debriefing and some musings.

The chart below is from data from the Local Government Association.  It is correct as at Sunday 12 Nov noon.


Lorraine Rosenburg has been declared Mayor after receiving enough preferences (not shown) to reach 51%.


I look forward to see which councillors are elected and what they stand for.


I respect the voters choice in Lorraine, and I hope people will be fair to her as she gets started as Mayor of Onkaparinga.


I also hope those who didn't vote won't complain about council or it's decisions over the next 4 years.


As for myself I have enjoyed the whole experience.  I have enjoyed meeting some of you and was refresh to see that other fellow citizens also believe in democracy, liberty and limited powers of government.


I will be hanging around and will make alternate efforts in line with the principles I believe in.


Best Regards

Stewart Glass