Marx in 90 mins

If you understand any of my views you will know I oppose compulsory collectivism, yet still I think it's important to try to understand other's views.  

This book is about Karl Marx, an essential figure in early Communism, co-author of the Communist Manifesto with Engels.

One of the first things I learned was that Marx sponged off Engels, who in turn got his wealth from capitalism.  It sounds a little like socialism today - it denounces free trade, yet starves without it.

I think he has a point about the poverty of the working class - something that I believe comes from lack of equality before the law - different laws for different socio-economic levels.  IE in those days if a poor irishman and a rich aristocrat both murdered, it's unlikely they'd receive the same punishment.

It's also interesting that Marx seemed above actually labouring with his hands to provide for his family.  Rather if he wasn't writing or protesting he would loll about his house.  Not to mention getting his maid pregnant and then letting Engels take the wrap.

Still the reading continues ...