The Lemon Tree

I've started writing down some of my own experiences with big government getting in the way of common sense.   It reminds me of Thomas Paine in Common Sense : "our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer"

The Lemon Tree is the first true story:

I had a neighbour who (over his fence and next to a main road) planted a lemon tree.  It was on a strip with no room for a footpath.   He tended and watered and nourished it for about a week or two.

My wife received a knock and a council worker asked if we owned the tree.  Well - the council ripped out the tree.   When I rang to query why, they said that since they poison along the roadside someone may eat a lemon, get sick and then sue them.

It seems strange that here is a way that council land can produce food for free (with no transportation costs or fuel), a resident is doing all the labour and nourishment, and we pay rates to have them rip it out!