a brief cartoon on the basics of freedom

Watched this again today.
Great video.  Illustrates in simple terms why freedom should be a founding principle of democracy.  Runs for about 8 mins.

candidates for SA Upper House 2010

For you information I have provided a link to candidates via Wikipedia

Once candidates are officially nominated they will be listed on Electoral Commission of SA website.

Don't forget - if you can vote in SA you can vote for me

are you left or right?

The Political Map of SA

People ask me if I am left or right.   The short answer is neither.  I agree with parts of the left and also parts of the right, but it is better to say I am pro-freedom and the individual's right to choos

the vehicle of socialism

the vehicle of socialism

link in glossary: self interest

Liberty does not mean all services provided

"The free man is the man who is not in irons, nor imprisoned in a gaol, nor terrorized like a slave by the fear of punishment ... it is not lack of freedom not to fly like an eagle or swim like a whale."