Articles are normally first published on my blog, and their purpose is to try to make a case for the principles I believe in.

Manifesto: 20 Keys for Governing

ART06: The Rights of the Community

by Stewart Glass - 2007-07-25

Some Australians have adopted the view that if the majority of citizens want some policy or another, then their numbers legitimize the claim.
This is not what the freedom of western society is built on.

ART05: The Invisible Wrist

by Stewart Glass - 23 Dec 2006
What is alternate self interest?

In 1776 in 
The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith outlined the idea that self interest (or everyone taking care of themselves and their own) would drive an economy to prosperity. …

ART04: Free Market Essentials

by Stewart Glass - 23 Dec 2006

what a free market needs to deliver the goods

I am a big believer in the free market as the best system for a prosperous society, however, I wouldn't consider the market as truly "free" without the following elements:

ART03: Why I Prefer the Preferential

by Stewart Glass - 11 Nov 2006
In elections the Preferential Voting System is a real asset to democracies 

Preferential is where on your ballot you number the candidates from your best choice "1" down to your worst option "5" (if there are 5 candidates)

ART02: Why Land is Bananas

15 Oct 2006 - by Stewart Glass

Before the cyclone hit Queensland in 2006 you would pay $4kg for bananas.  Now you pay around $11kg.  What bought this monumental shift?

This is simply the law of supply and demand.  

ART01: Junk Food Advertising and Kids

by Stewart Glass 5 May 2006
The best society understands the different roles of morality and legality. I define morality as that which is right, and legality as that which is enshrined as law. Both serve their purposes, and we should understand each.